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Good day

Postby bizantino » Mon Sep 15, 2014 6:26 am

My father last name was VENCE, my mother last name was REID; I am Raul from Panamá; in need of your technical support.
We have a module from your company, model RUG5, serial 1227. It has three(3) cards: CPU, Modem and Autodialer. We want to deploy it and use it as an Autodialer as follows: People call the unit, it responds with a pre-recorded message and tell the sea water temperature; simple and plain. The Autodialer have to handshake with a Hydrolynx logger, model 50386 in order to get the temp. data. We are in need of 6 units to replace an old Vaisala logger that perform the same function. This is plan A.
Plan B will be to buy the analog card for your RTU and measure, answer the line and talk the value to the customer; but right now the only option is to implement the RTU as an Autodialer with the 50386.
So in need of your support to configure the unit, record the message and handshake with the hydrolynx logger.
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