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Back to enhancing my system, affordable well level sensing

Postby SLOweather » Tue Feb 24, 2015 11:02 am

It's been a while since I posted here. recent events have prompted me to resume enhancing my water company's system (6 wells, 5 tanks totalling 120,000 gallons, hypochlorite and permanganate feeders).

Event 1) Back in December we had a hot tap on a 6" water main break, which caused erosion of the sidewall of the pipe, and ultimately a split in the main. We lost about 80,000 gallons before I got is shut off.

Event 2) I found these sonic (not ultrasonic) well water level sensors. ($345, or a little more with logging and a USB port)


Local display, available remote display, 4-20 ma, 0-5 volt, RS232, RS485 MODUS, runs on 7-16 VDC...

My evaluation unit arrived last week.

Well, (pardon the pun), a quick experiment shows that, at first glance, it works pretty well. I measured the static level on the well on our property with a Solinst 101 tape sounder at 68.60 feet from the top of the casing. Checked and modified a few settings, and installed the 660 (needed a 45 and a longer mike tube), and it showed 68.65', which is within spec. And I'm sure I can get it to agree closer.

Turned on the well pump and watched the level drop in the well. After e few minutes, it stabilized at about 140', and I shut off the pump and watched it recover.

The well pump operation did not seen to affect it.

So, regarding Event 1, I added a FlowContainer module to the master programming, and then made it a DO to trigger an input on our Alarm Agent so I can get notified. This way, on a big break or fire flow, I'll know sooner than waiting for the tanks level to drop 2'

Regarding Event 2, I've been using submersible transducers to measure well level. They are expensive and prone to getting atmospheric moisture into the cable jacket and thence into the transducer electronics. You need to put either a bellows or desiccant tube on the vent tube in the cable.

So the Eno 660s are much easier to implement. I've added AI cards to 3 wells, and the programming to the appropriate TX and RX arrays. Also, in the master, well level trend screens, and min and max modules for each well level with a display so I can see how low the drawdowns are.

(For the last 5 years or more, I've been probing the well levels manually once a week, and recording the. This will make it much easier.)
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