All RUG3s come standard with 2KB of battery backed RAM, 60KB of program flash, and 2MB of logging memory.  RUG3 I/O includes 6 analog inputs, 8 digital inputs, and 4 digital outputs (10A relay or 0.5A solid-state) as well as a 24 VDC fused and filtered loop supply.  Also standard on all RUG3 RTUs are realtime clock/calendar, 5V reference, onboard temperature, onboard battery voltage measurement, and removable screw terminals.  Two RS232 ports are available onboard using either 2 cylindrical jacks or 1 cylindrical jack, 1 USB port.

Order Code Description Price (USD)
RUG3BRUG3 board (no enclosure or LCD) $357
RUG3BLRUG3 board with LCD (no enclosure) $405
RUG3CRUG3 in DIN rail mount steel enclosure $440
RUG3DRUG3 in DIN rail mount steel enclosure with LCD and keyboard $521
RUG3PRUG3 in panel mount steel enclosure with LCD and keyboard $550

Options available for the RUG3:

Order Code Description Price (USD)
-485Substitute P2 RS232 port with RS485 $31
-MR Mechanical relay option, 4 channels, 10A$0
-SRSolid-state relay option, 4 channels, 0.5A, 48 VDC$0
MModem option, radio or leased-line compatible, 300 baud $77
OAnalog output option, 2 channels optically isolated, 12 bit, 4 - 20 mA $112
R3SDI-12RUG3 SDI-12 module $104
R3CBL232RS232 cable for either P1 or P2, 3.5 mm to DB9 female $13
R3CBLAUDModem audio cable, RX, TX, Key, 3.5 mm to tinned leads $11
R3CBLAUDRAModem audio cable, RX, TX, Key, 3.5 mm right angle to tinned leads $19
CBLUSBUSB to mini-USB cable $19
WT12 VDC, 800 mA wall transformer $25

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