Rugid Computer provides free, easy, and convenient software packages for programming your Rugid RTUs and WiSI networks! The best part is that no formal programming experience or knowledge is required.  As the programmer, all you do is fill in the blanks to configure your RTU or WiSI.

RTU Support Software Features

  • Pre-compiled modules
  • Procedural programming not necessary
  • Built-in library of over 145 modules in the RUG3 support software
  • Built-in library of over 195 modules in the RUG9/5 support software
  • BASIC*
  • Ladder logic
  • Event and data logging
  • Watch window debugger
  • Commandline interface
  • Table merging
  • Automatic load & terminate
  • Batch compile

WiSI Configuration Console Features

  • Graphical user interface
  • Setup includes all nodes that create a network
  • Easily link to an existing RUG3/RUG5/RUG9 program to automatically generate communication array for nodes in network
  • Clone function to duplicate setup of existing network nodes
  • Template function to save node settings to create clone nodes in current network or new network
  • Register map output for Modbus array
  • Generate text file for documenting network and node settings

*RUG9 and RUG5 models