Rugid Computer, Inc. designs and manufactures a complete line of RTUs.  From low power to highly expandable, our RTUs are designed for continuous operation to make your system as autonomous as possible.  All RTUs undergo an automated factory calibration and testing as well as burn-in to assure you are delivered a quality product.

All RTUs use a CRC secured communication protocol for field data transfer and the MODBUS protocol for interfacing with color graphic SCADA masters, including EVENTS, Advantage, Wonderware, DMACS, Genesis, FactoryLink, CitectSCADA, and others.

We OEM our equipment so please don't hesitate to ask how you can become an OEM.

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WiSI™ -

The WiSI is Rugid's new family of wireless data acquisition products specifically designed for rapid deployment to monitor and control remote sensors. WiSI is an all-in-one radio, data acquisition and control, self-powered device, all enclosed in a weatherproof, IP-67 rated outdoor package the size of a large fist.

RUG9 -

The RUG9 is the work horse of the RUGID RTU line. RUG9 units are expandable up to 512 I/O points using plug in cards such as digital and analog I/O, speech dialer, modems, RS232/485 ports, compact flash interface for logging, and more. The optional quarter VGA LCD can show trends, bargraphs, tables, setpoints and other useful operator information, and accepts operator setpoint entries.

RUG5 -

The RUG5 has many of the same capabilities as the RUG9 but in a smaller less expandable package.  RUG5 units have a mix of 4 AI, 8 DI, 4 relay outputs, modem, loop supply, and charger on top.  The RUG5 also has two RUG9 expansion slots on bottom that can take additional I/O, dialer, flash card, modems, etc.  The optional LCD (2 X 16 character or quarter VGA) shows measured values, setpoints, totals, etc., and can accept operator setpoint entries.

RUG3 -

The RUG3 is the most compact RUGID RTU. This unit draws as little as 2 ma in full operation which makes it ideal for projects where power resources are limited. Standard I/O includes 6 AI, 8 DI, 4 relay outputs, and a loop supply with the options of a modem and 2 analog outputs available. The optional backlit LCD (2 X 16 character) shows measured values, setpoints, totals, etc., and can accept operator setpoint entries. Available for panel or DIN rail mounting.