Water and Wastewater


Tank Level Monitoring and Pump Control

Water towers provide reliable water and pressure to the local community during peak usage times. It is important to monitor and maintain the water level in a tank. The monitoring WiSI-SP transmits the value from a level sensor in the tank to a pump house where a logic device such as a RTU/PLC controls turning pumps on and off to maintain water levels in the tank.

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  • Flow Meter Monitoring
  • Retention/Overflow Pond Monitoring
  • Waterway Gate Controls
  • Canal Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring


Measuring Wind Speed with an Anemometer

Anemometers are commonly used in weather stations to measure wind speed. Using a WiSI-SP in a WiSI wireless network provides a cost-effective solution that is easy to install at remote or difficult locations.

Download Measuring Wind Speed With an Anemometer

Measuring Wind Direction with a Weathervane

Weathervanes are one of the oldest weather-measuring devices and are commonly used in weather stations throughout the world. With a WiSI wireless network, wind direction can easily be monitored in one or multiple locations.

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Measuring Rainfall with a Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

A tipping bucket rain gauge is a common weather station measurement device to measure rainfall totals. Using a WiSI wireless network rainfall totals can be measured and transmitted to a central location. Utilizing a network of WiSIs, rainfall data can be collected and used to determine an areal precipitation estimate.

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  • Soil Moisture
  • Air Pollution Monitoring
  • Forest Fire Detection
  • Greenhouse Monitoring
  • Landslide Detection


  • Pivot Pump Monitoring
  • Flow Meter Monitoring
  • Soil Moisture and Smart Watering
  • Frost Detection

Oil and Gas

  • Cathodic Detection


  • Wire Replacement
  • Security - Perimeter Monitoring
  • Transportation - Over-Sized Load Proximity Detection